Christmas parties

We do a lot of staff Christmas parties in the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset area.  We are blessed that we get asked for again and again.  But as with everything, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into memorable staff Christmas parties – the ones that get talked about for all the right and wrong reasons!  For us that means a lot of planning and liaising.  We offer a ful design service for the print out as standard.  That means a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with design ideas.  For some customers, the plainer the better.  And for others (particularly event companies) there are particularly onerous design considerations.

For some, the branding is fairly simple - “It’s got to be Christmas-y”.  However for others they want corporate branding, facebook / social media upload, gifs ….None of that is a problem, necessarily so long as we have time to prepare for it.

Really behind the scenes

Onerous as that task can be sometimes – trying to herd sheep with an Alsatian at times – there is another group of people who deserve recognition.  We’re talking about the waiting and hotel staff.  The ones who see all the staff Christmas parties’ way before they ever get their own.  Who are invariably smiling and efficient whilst everyone around them celebrates.  Who, let’s face it, have seen a lot of what goes on before.  Who provide excellent service and then tidy up and prepare for the next day.  And that’s on top of dealing with the outside contractors, like photo booth hire companies.


Staff Christmas parties for hotel staff

Thankfully most hotels that we know organise some sort of post-Christmas party for their hotel staff.  You can imagine that this isn’t easy to organise!  After all, what hotel can afford to close for a night, however much they value their staff!  And that’s where we can give back in our own way.

Staff retention is a big issue in any industry but the hotel industry suffers more than most.  In the US, recent statistics (2016) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the turnover rate at 72.1%!  And the UK will not be far behind, despite the introduction of the minimum wage.

Christmas parties - our way of giving back

Hotel staff deserve to celebrate just like any other group of workers!  So we’re always make a point of offering our photo booth hire service to hotels at a 50% discount where it’s a staff Christmas party; obviously we can’t afford to do this to every hotel so we have to be a bit picky.  That offer will include the full service - unlimited prints, props, photo album, booth butler, choice of booth, green screen, 3 or 4 hours.