Bournemouth photo booth

February 23, 2017

When we started our Bournemouth photo booth hire service in 2011, there were, as I recall, 3 other companies in the area.  I’ve just done a search on Google – where else! – and there seems to be in excess of 20.

What’s led to such an increase in the popularity of the photo booth?

Partly it must be down to the rise of the iPhone and the ability to take photographs anywhere, any time.  People are more relaxed in front of a camera and more relaxed at taking a photo,  After all photos don’t cost anything anymore.  Not like in the “old days”.  Then you had to take your film down to the chemist and wait two weeks for it to be developed. Now we take photos of everything and everyone – even down to taking a photo of the meal we’re about to eat (which can have unintended consequences, if you follow the link).

Photo booth props

Another element is surely down to the simple fun element that photo booth props bring to the whole event.  Who doesn’t remember dressing up as a child and pretending. Cow boys and Indians, Batman, Super women – they all fed into our play and pretend games.  Dressing up with photo booth props are no different – and now alcohol is involved it’s all that much funnier.

4 friends enjoying the birthday party celebrations in our photo booth 2 guests in the photo booth with a silver picture frame and enjoying our Bournemouth photo booth hire service. 3 students enjoying our props

The Party Photo Booth and Bournemouth photo booth hire

Here at the Party Photo Booth we’ve been providing photo booth hire for Bournemouth, and Dorset generally.  We also cover Hampshire. Wiltshire and Devon.  That can mean a lot of driving – transport links are not bad West / East but not so great North / South.  But we’re not one of those who quote you an eye wateringly great price – and then load it with “extras” that everyone includes for free.  We aim for value for money but to do that we invest heavily in the equipment and people that we use. Give us a call or use our Availability tracker.