At the end of the day it’s only a photo ….

I've said it before ....Preserve your memories Poster

We would agree!  I suppose I shouldn’t start out by accepting such a comment.  But actually it’s true that a photo booth session is only really a set of photos; there is all sorts of artistic worries about whether a photo is art or……  And perhaps there is something to be said for the worry that having your photo taken somehow steals your soul?

But for how many days is it just a photo?  Consider; you’ve booked the wedding venue - that’ll probably be talked about for a while. You’ve decorated the place, colour coordinated the flowers, the chair covers, the placings… very good, that’ll also be remembered.  Your dress, the bridesmaids, the best man - all wonderful but, well you know what I’m going to say!

But the photos? Now that’s something completely different & no I’m not talking about the professional photographer you hire - they do an excellent job (but quite often you and your close family are the only ones to see them).

What’s different?

But the photos you’ll get from a photo booth are, and should be seen as, so different from any other photo that will be taken on the day. Consider - anyone who goes into the photo booth goes willingly (pretty much!), the photos are available instantly, the photos are published up onto social media (Facebook and the like).  There’s props available so anyone can dress up, anyone can go in as many times as they like …… Like I said, very different from guests photos or any other photos taken - fun, laughter and permanent memories; what can beat that for your big day?

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