Another lockdown – but we’re still here!

It was perhaps inevitable that there would be another lockdown for the UK once the Universities and schools went back. The politics of it all certainly don’t concern us here - what concerns us is that we are in a position to come back stronger.

Inevitably there will be casualties - both mental and in ruined businesses - from another lockdown. The mental health issues are many and numerous and concern us just as much as the business surviving. We’re concerned for our Directors as well as the many booth butlers that have worked with us in the past. Whilst everyone is making their own way through this (one Director now works part time with a supermarket) we’re trying to keep in contact to offer whatever support we can.

As far as the business is concerned - it’s in hibernation for the moment. Directors are keeping it afloat by working elsewhere. As self employed Directors whose income came from dividends rather than a wage they have received nothing from the Government - politics aside, surely this is wrong? Inevitably there will be business casualties in our industry. Which does create some opportunities that were not there before. We’ll be looking out for those as well as keeping in touch with our clients and other suppliers.

Another lockdown - but we miss this much joy!
This is why we do what we do!

Wedding photo booth hire

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