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The Party Photo Booth Company

What can we tell you about us, of our history?  After all you are looking for a photo booth hire company which knows what it’s doing!

Well, we first saw a photo booth at a wedding that we’d been invited to.  The wedding was for a Salvation Army couple (so no alcohol) and what struck us was how busy it was.  I’d always thought that English people were reserved and wouldn’t do spontaneous - how wrong I was!  Our own photo from that day had pride of place on our Facebook page, on our fridge and in our wallets.


So, after a lot of research. we decided to dive in and buy our first photo booth.  That was 4 years ago. I didn’t realise how popular this type of photo booth had become in America and Japan.  The first 6 months or so were very tough.  Parties, whether wedding or birthday or other, are usually planned ages in advance.

We ended up choosing this particular photo booth because we thought it looked the smartest.  It had a simple design (although it’s a bit heavy and has to be transported in a van).  And is the most stylish - which is why we display it on our home pages.

We’ve garnered a hat-full of experience since then at weddings, birthday parties & corporate events.  As we’ve grown (as at 2020 we have 9 booths) so we’ve invested heavily back into the company.

In 2013 / 4 We bought out another photo booth company so that we could expand and grow.  That’s been our history to a large extent - expand and grow!

We don’t charge mileage so you can be sure of a great deal from a quality photo booth hire company so why not try our party photo booth company hire service - contact details below.

If you have an question, query or enquiry, please do call us,Tel: 07894 477106   
Or use our availability checker and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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