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How you go from proposal to wedding day is very personal and not one I’m qualified to talk about; I met my wife to be in Hong Kong when we were both TEFL teachers & practically everything was organised by my parents back in the UK.  But I do know a few things about wedding days having attended more than a few with our photo booths and it seems to me that there are a few golden rules for a great wedding.

1. A happy bride makes a great wedding …

great weddingIt’s all about the bride (and groom).  If you hear this and think Yuch!, think again because this doesn’t mean “Give the bride everything she wants” or micro-manage the day to the nth degree because neither approach will really work out for the best.  However a relaxed bride - now there’s a thing to observe.  Because a relaxed bride is one who will accept that a few details didn’t go exactly to plan (the photo booth butler turned up early / late, the speeches ran over / it rained on the day) but that she stayed cool and optimistic - and believe me, that will make the groom happy as well!  And a relaxed bride & groom will tend to relax the whole bridal party.

2. Planning the day …

It’s for the bride and groom (and wedding planner) to make sure everyone knows when, where, and how to do things.  That does mean drawing up a planning list, a schedule and making sure that everyone is included on it.  If there isn’t a wedding planning involved there’s generally an event co-ordinator or such like at the venue and they need to know these things; we once arrived at a fairly prestigious venue only to find that no one was expecting us … So do get these sort of things ironed out.  Because once it’s done the bride and groom can relax - see point 1 above.

3.The perfect wedding doesn’t exist. Actually it does

great weddingBecause the perfect day is completely subjective (and perhaps intentional and random), it’s what you make of it that counts.  Pouring with rain when you wanted sunshine?  Best mans’ speech just too wildly personal and embarrassing? The day is planned to reflect the couple’s personality and has been planned with the intention of making it special - if then you can approach the day with the intention of seeing it as perfect then it will be.  And those little imperfections - they can be laughed about in the years to come and matter not a jot.


great wedding

A great wedding gets this from your guests!

Because we don’t know it all, a link to wedding planning tips is here


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