A brief review of the current photo booth industry

April 2, 2017

We’ve probably all been to a party, wedding or a celebration recently which has featured a photo booth.  It’s almost hard not to find them recording the party and the shenanigans going on.  They do exactly what they’re meant to – but not all booths are the same.

It’s a sad fact that as they have become more and more popular, so more and more operators have appeared.  That sort of competition within the photo booth industry is really good for customers and the industry alike.  It gives choice to the customer and fosters innovation and, generally, prices fall.  No industry - perhaps especially not the photo booth industry - can withstand the market!

When we first started providing photo booth hire, it was “enough” to provide instant print outs, 3 hours hire, props and an album.  For some occasions that is still “all” that is needed.  But the photo booth industry has changed.  Now there’s green screen, video, Gif, movies of all sorts, social media upload, hash tag printing ….

The customer stands to gain!

The only person who gains from this is the customer!  With so much choice, there’s a combination of services for everyone.  The other development that I mentioned earlier was that prices tend to fall.  And again the customer is on to a winner!

But there is a sting in the tail to all this goodness; competition is great when it drives down prices but competition has to come from somewhere.  In the photo booth industry, we find it comes from people who have seen a photo booth at a party and thought – “That’s so easy”  “I can do that.”  (Let’s face a good booth butler ought to know what they’re doing and make it look easy!)

The devil is in the details!  Too many operators have gone off and bought a “photo booth”.  Perhaps even on a credit card – and set themselves up.  And, to make an impression, their charges are less than the established operators – perhaps even dramatically less.  Perhaps they even skimp on setting up a company name through Companies House.  And what’s the point of insurance or PAT testing?

But there’s always a draw back

That all helps to keep your costs down – and puts the customers at risk.  Not being a legal company means that if anything goes wrong – the customer has no come back.  No insurance?  Same result.

There are always going to be customers who are price driven – celebrations of almost any sort are expensive already.  But should you put your guests at risk?  If your supplier doesn’t have Public Liability insurance, for instance – who do you have recourse to if anything goes wrong?  If they don’t have a current PAT certificate, and their equipment causes a fire ….

And worse of all, you may end up with this type of photo booth!

Photo booth industry

And this is a “photo booth” too!


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